Randall's Restaurant And Catering
120 Old Union Road
Church Hill, TN 37642

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Welcome To Randall's Restaurant And Catering

Complete Catering Solutions

Planning your wedding and need a reliable catering service?

Look no further than Randall's Restaurant And Catering in Church Hill, TN. Our locally owned and operated restaurant offers you complete catering solutions and great food at reasonable prices.
We understand that your wedding is the most important day in your life and you want the food to be as memorable as the occasion itself! That is why we use the freshest of ingredients and farm fresh produce to come up with menus that are both unique and delicious.

When you hire our catering services, be sure that our mouthwatering food and amazing services will leave your guests talking about their gourmet experience for years to come.
If you want to enjoy a family dinner at our restaurant or want to serve food from our catering service on your special day, feel free to contact us. We look forward to a visit from you soon.